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Like we already did with many others:

DyFashion: we joined forces to achieve more than 100% increase in sales

It’s been six years since the launch of DyFashion, now one of the most popular women’s fashion online stores in Romania. The website, owned by Dragos and Irina Aipu, saw a complete transformation after it was migrated to the Gremini platform.

Guara: the website started selling after migrating to Gremini

It’s now been more than a year since the online store was migrated to the Gremini platform. To mark the anniversary, we talked to Bogdana Boar, Guara manager.

BabyNeeds: our new platform brought growth, better order processing and inventory management

Paul Mihalache, founder & manager of, reveals how he started the business and what challenges had to be overcome. Paul also talks about the online store migration to the Gremini platform and benefits of this move.

Why choose Gremini over hundreds of regular eCommerce platforms? Because we’re different:

YOU are the priority

Plenty of eCommerce solutions boast tens of thousands of customers. We walk a different path, where the focus is on YOU as part of our limited number of clients.

Here at Gremini we believe our work is meaningful when YOUR store doubled sales. Statistics are great, but that’s not all your business means to us.

We make eCommerce easy

If you have 100 products and 30 orders a day then eCommerce is already easy enough. When orders grow exponentially and the inventory expands to tens of thousands of items from multiple suppliers, that’s when eCommerce really needs to be made easy.

Gremini helps fulfill all your shop’s orders with a platform designed to fit demand. We’d love to get into specifics with you and start using all those lovely acronyms like RMA, ERP, WMS et al.

The best of both worlds

We strongly believe that a SaaS platform and custom features are not mutually exclusive. It’s a flawless fit with our honest decision of working with a limited number of clients to provide the best custom solution for every demand.

This way, each of our clients get an optimal mix of solid reliable standards and adaptability. You get to enjoy many custom facilities without worrying about servers or version updates.

Join the Gremini family and grow. It’s time to book a demo.

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