• Stifler – migration increased orders 15x!

    Three years ago, Stifler migrated to our e-commerce platform. We recently met with the online store’s owner, Andrei Amos, and talked a bit about how things evolved.

    How did the business start?

    It was 2012 and I had created my first ever online store on Prestashop. Because my family’s always been involved in commerce, it helped me understand what a shop needs to function. I tested everything and even managed to have some sales, but then I had to abandon everything and finish my studies – which had nothing to do with commerce anyway. Two years later I realized I was going nowhere with my studies, they were even making me unhappy. So I decided to restart the shop and put in three product categories: mobile phone accessories, cufflinks and anchor bracelets. Out of these, I resonated best with the phone accessories. I’m passionate about accessories in general.

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  • Minikids – sales increased five-six fold

    Barely over a year ago – in April 2019 – we had finished migrating Minikids to our platform. Cătălin Stancu, the person behind the business, talked about what has happened since the successful migration.

    How did the business start?

    Minikids.ro began its life as an online store back in 2015. My wife and I own a brick-and-mortar baby clothing store, we had it back then too – my wife was managing it. I was working in television. While doing that, I managed to launch a news platform, which is where I found the taste for online projects. After I backed down from that specific project, I got the idea to take our physical store to the internet.

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  • EuromChrom – immediate results after migration

    This May (2020) we’ll celebrate two years since the EuromChrom store migrated to our e-commerce platform. Let’s talk to Lucian Sprinciana, the man behind the online aspects of the business.

    How did the business start?

    Our first go at online commerce was as early as 2010 on the Open Cart platform. We kept using that until 2016, then tried keeping everything in-house with Woocommerce on WordPress for about another year.

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  • 2019 stats

    2019 stats

    Total sales: €36.3 million (+27.53% compared to 2018)

    80% of sales were generated by 10 shops

    Number of orders: 645,153 (+38.46% compared to 2018)

    Average order value: ~ €56 (-€4.82 compared to 2018)

    Online payments: 11.74% (+25.42% compared to 2018) - cash on delivery still preferred by Romanians

    Highest B2B order: €43,134

    Highest B2C order: €7,591

    Most loyal customers: 1) 107 orders, 2) 89 orders, 3) 79 orders

    Monthly sales distribution:


    Daily sales distribution:


    Peak hours:

    00 o'clock:2,00%
    01 o'clock:1.67%
    02 o'clock:1.70%
    03 o'clock:0.83%
    04 o'clock:0.94%
    05 o'clock:0.60%
    06 o'clock:0.96%
    07 o'clock:1.90%
    08 o'clock:3.40%
    09 o'clock:5.73%
    10 o'clock:7.03%
    11 o'clock:8.24%
    12 o'clock:7.26%
    13 o'clock:6.24%
    14 o'clock:6.24%
    15 o'clock:5.90%
    16 o'clock:5.94%
    17 o'clock:4.87%
    18 o'clock:4.63%
    19 o'clock:4.58%
    20 o'clock:4.84%
    21 o'clock:5.35%
    22 o'clock:5.27%
    23 o'clock:3.88%

  • Eastcom – simplified operational flow, reduced operating costs

    We’ve migrated Eastcom on our platform about two years ago (nov. 2017), right before Black Friday. Let’s talk with Claudiu Jacodi, EastCom Trading magager.

    Q: How did the business start?

    Back in 2014 I was looking for a protective phone cover and couldn’t find anything satisfying. So I began looking up products which had multiple positive customer reviews and ended up figuring out that my entire search could potentially become a successful business.

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  • Obio – given a second chance, we'd migrate to Gremini sooner

    The story of Obio began in 2012. Back then, Adrian Cadar created his ecologically certified, bio products based brand store. The new beginnings were a continuation of an offline business formerly established in 2008. Adrian talked to us about the past, the present and the future.

    How did the business start?

    I started the business in 2008, with a bio products online store. Four years later the Obio brand was created, and along with it the Obio.ro e-store, concentrating exclusively on ecologically certified products.

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  • BabyNeeds – new platform for growth, better processing and inventory management


    Personal experiences often lead to successful business ideas. BabyNeeds is a great example of what migration to a specialized platform delivers. This online store is an exclusive importer for several baby goods manufacturers. It targets recent or soon to be parents who aim to provide their children with the best available products.

    Paul Mihalache, founder & manager of BabyNeeds, reveals how he started the business and what challenges had to be overcome. Paul also talks about the online store migration to the Gremini platform and benefits of this move.

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  • DyFashion – we joined forces to achieve more than 100% increase in sales


    It’s been six years since the launch of DyFashion, now one of the most popular women’s fashion online stores in Romania. The website, owned by Dragos and Irina Aipu, saw a complete transformation after it was migrated to the Gremini platform.

    Dragos discussed the challenges of an emerging online business, how he overcame them and shared some tips on how to start an online shop.

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  • Guara – the website started selling after migrating to Gremini


    Guara is a Romanian brand dedicated to fashion art, as the owners like to describe it. Wearing Guara clothing makes one feel proud as each design is original and made with that passion for fashion everyone is looking for. A few years ago, the wonderful Guara dresses became available online, so that customers who couldn’t regularly visit the physical stores got to make easy e-shop purchases. A new online store is also a great way to keep customers informed with all the news and updates on the brand’s collections.

    It’s now been more than a year since the online store was migrated to the Gremini platform. To mark the anniversary, we talked to Bogdana Boar, Guara manager. Among other things, we asked how to expand an online business, what are the challenges along the way, how to overcome problems and, of course, a bit about how migrating to Gremini helped with the brand success story.

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