This May (2020) we’ll celebrate two years since the EuromChrom store migrated to our e-commerce platform. Let’s talk to Lucian Sprinciana, the man behind the online aspects of the business.

How did the business start?

Our first go at online commerce was as early as 2010 on the Open Cart platform. We kept using that until 2016, then tried keeping everything in-house with Woocommerce on WordPress for about another year.

What problems or challenges were there in the beginning and how’d you get past them?

The biggest problem with those platforms was instability caused by frequent and time consuming updates, followed by scalability problems when the load increased. Also, the website’s loading speed went down as soon as content expanded, which lowered our Google positioning. To overcome these challenges we used various plug-ins that proved to be both expensive and useless.

How did you decide to migrate to Gremini? What were your goals?

We decided to try a custom solution for our online store after the business started growing and we couldn’t see a future with the platform we were using. Another important factor in our decision to migrate was our online business plan which necessitated a professional platform backed by a support team ready to fulfill the “craziest of ideas”.

How did the migration go?

As soon as our first discussion with your team I was convinced that we found the support we needed. It turned out my hunch was correct when migration was completed without problems, even though before that we had been using two different platforms with both having left traces in the content.

Felt improvements in business after migrating?

Immediately after migrating things started working properly!

Did the migration reflect in sales, conversion rate, etc.?

We had organic traffic growth starting from the first month after migration, which also reflected in sales. At the same time we began seeing a rise in conversions, especially on mobile where we used to have the problem of not being friendly enough.

What kind of marketing tools have you been using?

At the moment we’re only using Google and Facebook Ads.

Give us three pieces of advice or recommendations on how to make it in online business.

Do not have over the top expectations for the first month of online, don’t compare it to the physical store. Always respect your clients. Invest in your store’s online content, as in product photography, descriptions and other. This sets you apart from the competition.

What are your plans for future development?

We plan to increase our product range to continue attracting different client categories.

If you could once again start with the online shop, what would you do differently?

We’d go for a custom platform, like this one, from the beginning.

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