We’ve migrated Eastcom on our platform about two years ago (nov. 2017), right before Black Friday. Let’s talk with Claudiu Jacodi, EastCom Trading magager.

Q: How did the business start?

Back in 2014 I was looking for a protective phone cover and couldn’t find anything satisfying. So I began looking up products which had multiple positive customer reviews and ended up figuring out that my entire search could potentially become a successful business.

What problems or challenges were there in the beginning and how’d you get past them?

There will always be challenges and problems, however all it takes to solve them are professionals. We’ve had countless difficult situations to deal with and this motivated us to find real problem solving, solution delivering partners to help us develop.

How did you decide to migrate to Gremini? What were your goals?

The decision to migrate came naturally, out of necessity: we needed our internal processes improved and made more efficient. Recommendations from other clients of the platform also helped. We were looking to have the online store integrated with our ERP system and with other online retail platforms. We also needed a B2B section for our resellers. Of course, we also wished to offer a pleasant, fast and easy buying experience for all our clients.

How did the migration go?

Quick, efficient, no issues.

Felt improvements in business after migrating?

Simplified operational flow, less operations needed, reduced financial and operational costs, growing sales, more happy clients.

Did the migration reflect in sales, conversion rate, etc.?

Sales increased by 30% six months after migrating and we also recorded an increase in organic traffic.

What kind of marketing tools have you been using?

We’re using Facebook Ads, affiliate programs, price comparison tools, SEO and newsletter marketing.

Give us three pieces of advice or recommendations on how to make it in online business.

Focus 100% towards client satisfaction in everything that pertains to your online commerce platform, starting with how they first access the store and ending with order delivery. Always be up to date with novelties. Be in partnerships with professionals who not only deliver on time on your request, but also guide you towards solutions adapted to your needs and your market’s requirements.

What are your plans for future development?

To implement high-performance marketing tools, do a complete re-design and build a multilanguage platform.

If you could once again start with the online shop, what would you do differently?

I’d go the same way. Every stage, every mistake and every victory are sources of information and knowledge one can’t otherwise access.

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