Gremini: Geeks - Dreamers - Problem Solvers

Company Mission: Gremini originated with the instantaneous purpose of synergistically augmenting brand success in partnerships with woke businesses pertaining to the global omnichannel empowered marketplace. JUST KIDDING!

We’re not big on baloney, way bigger fans of clear efficient communication. So to put it simply, we are a great team of geeks who work to, one day, be known for the best eCommerce platform ever. We dare to dream because we’re awesome problem solvers who never give up when improvement or solutions are needed.

Most of the businesses we work with already had an online store when they contacted us. And they didn't need Gremini because everything was running great. Their e-shops grew to a point where existing systems failed and were in need of difficult maintenance. That’s where we step in. We use our magical powers - hard work and experience gathered over the years - to migrate your shop to our platform and heal it, setting it on the path for new growth.

How it all happened

Gremini was born in 2003 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It was founded by Mihai Brehar, a computer science student at that time.

He put on a one man show building simple websites. In 2004, Mihai started to work with a German client who owned an online shop selling socks and tights. Mihai built a backend system for order processing, invoicing, inventory management etc. that’s still in use today. Next, the plan was to work on the frontend. There was no Magento back then, no Prestahop, nor Shopify. A decision was taken to build the frontend with osCommerce.

In 2007, after being sick on working with osCommerce, Mihai decided to start a new shopping cart system (later called Avanticart) and hiring the first employee.

In 2008, Mihai together with a partner launched the first shop on the new system. Not for a customer, but a shop of their own. In the midst of the financial crysis - they were crazy enought to launch a socks and tights shop in Romania - (sold later, but remained a customer).

In 2010, Avanticart was officially launched to the public, on the Romanian market only. It was the first SaaS eCommerce platform in Romania. However, with no funding and a low monthly subscription pricing model, the company initially had to earn revenue from building other types of websites and projects.

Fast forward to recent times: Avanticart braved the grind and grew to a powerful eCommerce platform. And most importantly, to a powerful team that prides itself on being trusted by clients making multi-million annual sales.

In 2019, Avanticart was rebranded to Gremini and launched worldwide.